The research in Package-Heroes project will be performed and demonstrated by using demo packaging cases. In these demo cases we will either substitute or reduce the use of non-degradable plastics in food packaging, and study the acceptance, feasibility and holistic sustainability of the proposed solutions.

During the project’s first year, we have clarified the current use and performance of cellulose-based materials in food packaging. We have mapped the already existing solutions, close-to-market materials as well as the ongoing research and product development.

Based on jointly agreed criteria, we have now selected three demo cases:

1. Replacing non-degradable plastic in a package for cold cuts or meat (a product that people tend to consume outside – e.g. grilling or picnicking – meaning a higher risk for the package to be dumped in nature)

2. Replacing single-use-plastic in sweet, crisp or snack wrappers (this type of package is one of the most common ones to be found on sea-shores)

3. Reducing single-use-packaging of served or delivered food (including perspectives on new business models as well)

Choosing the materials and products for each demo case is currently ongoing. In demo case 3, Package-Heroes will cooperate with a start-up company, Kamupak.