In Package-Heroes, we study and develop packaging solutions, which address simultaneously food protection and the global and constantly increasing concern of plastic packaging waste. More scientific knowledge is needed about the environmental effects of different materials and solutions, about the ways to commercialise new packaging innovations as well as about consumer preferences.

Package-Heroes is a research project funded by the Strategic Research Council functioning under the Academy of Finland. Our five-year-project kicked off in the beginning of 2019 and finishes by the end of 2023.

We are working with the following topics:

1. How can we mainstream sustainable food packaging? We construct joint visions and pathways to sustainable futures of packaging both in Finland and worldwide.

Work Package Co-creating transformation is led by Vilja Varho from Natural Resources Institute Finland.

2. The journey of Finnish packaging innovations to the shelves of supermarkets has only just begun. How can we enable business ecosystems for sustainable food packaging?

Work Package Building business ecosystems for sustainable food packaging is led by Henri Hakala from LUT University.

3. Consumer has a central role in making sustainable packaging more common as they choose between different products and packages when shopping. We investigate how consumers could be encouraged to favour novel packaging solutions.

Work Package Cultural ethnographies of food packaging is led by Nina Tynkkynen from Åbo Akademi.

4. In Finland, novel renewable packaging materials have been developed from cellulose, for example. Which of the new packaging solutions are both environmentally and economically sustainable?

Work Package Feasibility and sustainability of new solutions is led by Tuula Packalen from Natural Resources Institute Finland.

5. Policies, legislation and incentives can have an effect in the value chain of food packaging. How can political decision making promote sustainable packaging?

Work Package Policy mixes to transformation is led by Maria Åkerman from VTT.